Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cloth Diaper Review: BumGenius Organic AIO

Another Diaper that I got early on is the BumGenius Organic One Size All In One.  I like the super easy factor of this diaper.  There is nothing to stuff.  The layers of organic cotton are attached to the cover.  You just put it on the Kiddo.  I like this for when someone else is watching baby, not that I save them for that.

 Here's the inside.  I like that it is nice soft and clean, organic cotton next to baby's skin.  Baby can feel the wetness with this diaper which helps the association of peeing and feeling wet.

 It has the same snap pattern as other BumGenius diapers.  The fit is the same as their pockets too.  They fit my chunky thigh babe well and I don't have to do any tricks with the snaps.
No unstuffing or stuffing!!!

Takes a long time to dry, seriously

The Rundown
Size: 7-35
Style:  AIO
Closure: Snaps on front
Rise Adjustment: Snaps on the front
Where is it made?  USA or Egypt
Price for 1:  $24.95

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