Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cloth Wipe Challenge Day 12

We traveled over the weekend and using the cloth wipes and spray bottle has been working really well.  I've been spraying the wipe more than the bum as it seems neater, especially when changing baby on something other than the changing pad that I really don't want to get mess on, like the seat of my car.  I'm still on that first bottle of wipe solution too, but will be making more soon.

Anyway, I really need to get more wipes.  I procrastinated.  I was thinking about making my own or where to buy and just hadn't yet.  Well, there were some rather messy changes today, and we ran out of wipes.  I really didn't want to give in and use the sposie wipes.  I used a flat.  It got the job done very well.  How's that for commitment?  Now I should really go buy some wipes...

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