Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The End of the Cloth Wipe Challenge

My cloth wipe challenge officially ended on the 24th.  I didn't think much of it ending, as I like using cloth wipes.  I like not creating more trash.  I like saving even more money than with cloth diapers alone.  I like not having to separate the sposie wipes out of my wet bag when we get home (or find them in with the clean diapers from the wash).  I like knowing exactly what is going on my baby's skin.

I will admit to using a sposie wipe that my husband handed me while we were out, but whenever I reached for the wipes, I reached for cloth.  Yes, I finally did buy more cloth wipes.  I haven't finished my second spray bottle of homemade solution so I haven't tried any other recipes but I still plan to try more as we run out of solution.

The challenge is a success as I will happily continue using cloth wipes and our giant box o sposie wipes should last way longer than the first.

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