Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cloth Diaper Review: Smartipants

 Smartipants diapers are the staple of our diaper stash.  I needed more diapers quick and both the sleeve style and price appealed to me.  There are two columns of snaps on the front for the rise adjustment and one row of snaps on the front for the closure.  The tabs can be crossed for extra small settings.

The insert is microfiber and it goes in a sleeve instead of the usual pocket.  The sleeve lets the insert agitate out in the wash, which is awesome!

Easy size adjustment
Good fit
No unstuffing

Does not come with an extra insert for night.

The Rundown
Size: 7-35 pounds
Style: Sleeve/ AI2
Closure: Snaps on front
Rise Adjustment: Snaps on front
Where is it made? USA
Price for 1: $14.95

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